How to Contain Your Dog

Do you want to purchase and install the fence to keep your dog at home? A dog fence is probably one of the best devices available today that can help you to keep your pets under control and define boundaries for him or her. However, you might often wonder about the dog fence pricing is calculated, by the foot acre or a general blanket price for electronics only.

This is because there are large numbers of companies that produce and manufacture these fences and they are sold in many different retail settings from brick or motor locations to on-line store. Moreover, there are both expensive and cheaper versions of these fences available and therefore, you can always purchase these fences on the basis of your budget. However, the most important thing that you should always remember is that you must never compromise with the quality of the fencing in order to enhance the safety of your pet.

Different prices at different companies

The invisible fence pricing is largely determined on the basis of different factors and mainly the services. In most cases, the entire fencing system is available in a kit that comprises of wide varieties of things. Based on the items contained in the kit, the prices vary. At the same time, the prices also largely vary on the basis of the qualities. There are many local and online stores where these kits are available, and thus, you can always purchase them in accordance with your requirements. Invisible Fence Lee County Fl can also help you if you live in the Florida area with in home installations.


Installation of the fences is one of the major factors that determine the dog fence pricing. There are kits that offer the opportunity for installation without any professionals help. Such kits are cheaper compared to the ones that are generally available with the help of professional installation. In general, a typical fencing system without professional installation will cost around $100 to $350. While on the other hand, if the kit is available for professional installation, the prices can range from $850 to $1500. Thus, you can easily check out the prices and make your purchase.

Some systems do not even need to be buried they are completely wireless and need very little time consuming installation. For the most part wireless dog fence systems are completely portable and cheaper in price. While in some situations these systems fill a need perfectly, they lack the customizable features of a wired system.

You can find these wireless dog fence system on pretty much any on-line retailer websites.

Compare the prices

Since there are large numbers of companies that manufacture the invisible fences, you can expect to find little differences in the invisible fence pricing. In fact, it is largely up to you to make a comparison of the prices, so that it is easy for you to understand the fences that can work best for you in accordance to your requirements, and are also available within your budget. In fact, comparison of the prices will help you in the best way in the sense that it will enable you to determine the best fencing system at the best prices.

Check out the things to be included

There are several things that are included in the invisible fence pricing. The kits generally comprise of a transmitter, adjustable collar, a receiver, receiver probes, boundary wire, boundary flags, splice caps, and even a manual that helps in the installation process without any professional expertise. Apart from that, there will be some additional costs, if you install with the help of the professional experts of the company. The length and durability of the fences is also an important factor that is considered while installing the fences.

The invisible fence battery is a vital component of the invisible fence system, providing power to the transmitter and receiver collars. This battery ensures a reliable and consistent power supply, enabling the system to function effectively. Regular monitoring of the battery’s charge level is important to prevent interruptions in the system’s operation. When the battery is running low, it should be promptly replaced with the correct battery type recommended by the manufacturer. By maintaining a well-functioning invisible fence battery, pet owners can create a safe and secure environment for their dogs, allowing them to roam within designated boundaries while providing peace of mind.