Make Your Electric Dog Fence Effective with Proper Training

When your dog has a habit of escaping, one of the most effective solutions is to have electric dog fence. This fencing system is considered economical, handy and a successful means to prevent your pet from escaping and to protect him from bad elements outside your yard. This fence does not require too much physical construction. The only important thing that you must do is to ensure that your dog is well-trained in respecting your established boundaries.

After you bought the electric fence for your dogs, you should decide where to place the boundaries. Most fences have markers in the form of flags in order to identify the boundary in your yard. When your fence is already installed and flags are already positioned, you can already start training your dog. As mentioned above, training is very critical to the effectiveness of your electric dog fence.

You need to allocate some time especially intended for training. Calendar can be utilized to monitor the progress of your dog and determine if he is ready for the subsequent phase. Take note that your pet will be more receptive during training if you are in good and happy mood because if you are weary, your dog will be most likely unresponsive.

In case you have two dogs, you need to train them separately because dogs also have different traits and personalities.  In addition, keep the other dog away during training to minimize distractions. Training for electric dog fence usually lasts for about two weeks but the exact time will depend upon your training commitment as well as your dog’s size, temperament, breed and age. The most effective training time is usually two or three training sessions every day and every session should only last for about 15 minutes.

Training Tips

First, you need to gather several things needed for the training such as wireless electronic collar, non-metallic collar for training, six inches chain and of course positive attitude. Before you begin every session, you must play with your pet for a while within the confined area of electric dog fence. Do not forget to attach the chain in the training collar of your dog instead of electric collar to avoid hurting him with the static correction when the chain is being pulled.  Start every session with review about the previous training days and every session must end with playtime to keep the training fun for both you and your dog.  Take out the electric collar from your dog’s neck and reward him with praise, playtime and treats after each session.

Different Phases in the Actual Training for Electric Dog Fence

Introducing the Flag

Put the electric and training collar at the neck of your dog and attach the chain on it. At this point, the electric dog fence must not be active. Walk your pet in the wandering area and approach the flag line. When he is already in the flag line, say bad flags while shaking it but do not frighten or yell at your dog.  Bring back your dog in wandering area and praise him immediately. This procedure must be repeated several times until your dog is already used to it. This phase usually takes 2-3 days or more depending on the training frequency and temperament of your dog.

Tone Correction

In this phase, you train your pet to step back from the electric dog fence and flag when the tone coming from electronic collar is heard. Begin by putting the electric collar then set it to level of tone-only correction including the training collar while a chain is attached on it. Walk your dog around the area for about 5 minutes and walk towards the boundary. When the tone is activated, say bad flags again while shaking it so that he will associate the flags with the tone. Lead him back to the wandering area and once the sound stops, praise him. This process must be repeated several times until your furry friend turns away automatically when you are walking towards the flag.

Static Correction

Fit the electric collar around the neck of your dog and set it to the lowest correction static. Walk him around the area with lease for about five minutes. Then approach the electric dog fence boundary and let him receive static correction. Again, say bad flags while gently shaking it so that the flags will be associated with the static correction and short tone. Lead your pet back to the area and immediately praise him.

This session must be short so that your pet does not receive multiple static corrections which can make him stressed. Do not forget to praise him every time he goes back in the wandering area and every time the session ends.


When there is any distraction, it is essential to train your pet not to go out from the wandering area. With the electric collar and chain in place, position your pet close to the flags and throw a toy outside the electronic dog fence. If your dog did not get it, praise him but if he fetches the toy, allow him to receive correction. Repeat this several times every session so that your dog will start to understand that there will be static correction and short tone when he crosses the flag boundary.

Off-Leash Supervision

Once your dog is ready for off-leash, ensure that electronic collar is already activated. Training collar must be still in place just in case you are required to attach the chain and repeat the distraction phase.  From a distance, watch your pet as he walks inside the wandering area.  If he crosses the flag boundary, lead him to the roaming area.

You can find electric dog fence systems at various on-line retailers, or even have it professionally installed. Invisible Fence installs fences, but the cost is prohibitive for the most part they charge upwards of $3000.00, while an electric dog fence can be bought on-line for under two hundred dollars. You can even buy a wireless dog fence for under five hundred dollars on many dog fence online retailers.

Dog Monitoring

At this point, you must now allow your pet to wander outside with activated electric collar. It is suggested to monitor your dog inside your house. At first, allow him to stay outside for a short period of time and gradually increase the time intervals if he is behaving well.

When you completed all the phases, your dog is now ready to enjoy his freedom while respecting the boundary set by the electric dog fence.