Woman hugging a dog

How to Take Care of Your Pet During Uncertainty and COVID-19

Since the pandemic struck it has not only impacted human lives but also effectively downgraded lifestyles of dogs and cats around your colony. More often than ever, you hear dogs howling and crying for food, there are no boundaries left in this seek of survival for them. However, your pets at your home might be lucky enough to have the privilege of receiving your care.

So make you’re their well being isn’t being compromised, because once you bring them home, they turn into family. Well, today we discuss some important points which will help you in taking care of your beloved even better.

Nutrition and Hydration

Your pet’s nutrition and hydration needs to be taken proper care of. Make sure you’re providing them with food that is rich in proteins and vitamins all the time. Feed them according to a diet plan prescribed by the vet. Keep a bowl full of mild water, which needs to be poured in a bowl that is sanitized well beforehand.

Keep your trash away from their reach, feeding on them can cause food poisoning. Remember, if those precautions apply to you that applies to your little pets as well. Make sure their health does not get neglected.


Especially in this time of pandemic, your pet’s hygiene can easily be at stake. Cleaning just yourself isn’t enough when you’ve a pet running around the house. Keep your floors clean and free of bacteria as well.

Sanitize your utensils and sinks over and over again. While maintaining hygiene, constantly remind yourself to wash your hands before petting your dog or cat. If you’re coming home from a trip, do not indulge into any kinds of cuddling unless you’ve sanitized yourself.


While you’re busy running your chores, make sure your dog’s safety isn’t at stake. Lately, in these recent times of COVID the number of dogs and cat thefts have increased drastically. People can cross boundaries in order to steal your beloved and fill in their loneliness. Therefore, your dog’s security must be taken care of.

There are multiple options available in the market that help in keeping your dog secure. Invisible dog fence is one of the best ways to create a boundary for your dog. It not only keeps your dog from dashing away but also ensures their safety.

First aid Kits

Emergencies don’t come with a warning, so it’s better to be prepared beforehand. A DIY first aid kit must be in your must -have list as a pet owner. First aid will always come in handy during infections, minor cuts, etc.

Spending Time

Dogs are extremely amiable in nature. They like interacting with us more than anything. Just think about it, whenever you’re upset or feeling lonely you go and cuddle your pet to feel a sense of affection. The same happens from their side too.

Do not get so engaged with your busy life that you stop being their for your dog. Loneliness and lack of affection can cause trauma and give them the tendency to run away. Believe me that’s the last thing you want as a pet owner.

Stop Overfeeding

Your dog must follow a daily nutrition plan prescribed by the veterinarian. Remember that overfeeding your dog is as harmful as underfeeding it. Feeding them twice a day is more than enough. Overfeeding can lead your dog to obesity which can lead to many other health issues to be followed by. So, next time they come intimidating you with their puppy eyes, think twice!


Just like humans every mammal around the world needs exercising. Hence, try taking your dog for a walk everyday. Well, it’s quite understandable that amongst these lockdowns and curfews its become difficult to make that work. For that you may try playing fun games with them. Things like climbing up stairs together, playing snatch, training them with treats can effectively do the job. A lot can be achieved inside the house or at the terrace. But make sure your dog gets the necessary exercise it needs.

Wash Your Pet’s Accessories Frequently

Accessories like collars, blankets and soft toys can turn out to be s breeding house for germs and bacteria. This can do a lot of harm to your pet. The previously mentioned items must be washed once a week. Make sure you’re providing your dog a tidy ambience unless you want your pet to catch the virus.

Photo by Sasha Sashina on Unsplash