Sequoia Is A Dog Car Of Dramatic Proportions

Toyota gray car
SUV car

Dogs and trees seem to go together. I’ll let your imagination fill in that picture.

And since the Giant Sequoia Redwood is known as the largest tree in the world, it only makes sense for the 2008 Toyota Sequoia to be one of the largest Dog Cars on the planet.

After seven years lumbering atop the Toyota tree, the Sequoia has been totally redesigned for 2008. It now is bigger, roomier and more powerful than the previous version.

Bigger? More powerful? Doesn’t that sound like overkill? Perhaps, but Toyota also has made the new-and-improved Sequoia more fuel efficient and considerably cleaner (better for the environment) than in the past.

As a Dog Car, the Sequoia is stellar. With lots of interior room, seats that fold flat and plenty of ground clearance, this mammoth SUV is a true dog-lover’s delight.

But this perfection comes with a price, and the $55k needed to shepard a Sequoia off the lot may scare away many Dog Car devotees.