Heat-Detection System Keeps K-9 Officers Cool and Safe

Sheepdog inside a police car

In the dead of winter, I always find my mind drifting toward warmer times. So today, let’s imagine it’s summertime and the day is blisteringly hot. A police officer and his K-9 partner are making their daily rounds to protect and serve their community.

Suddenly, something happens that draws the officer’s attention away from the patrol car for an extended period of time, leaving the crime-fighting K-9 alone in the hot car with no way to escape.

Is this the end of a beautiful partnership? Not if the patrol car is equipped with a special device that detects rising temperatures and takes action to divert a disaster.

It’s a system called the Ace Hot ‘N Pop and it can be a life-saver for police dogs. Read the full story of electric dog fence systems and training.

If the patrol car interior temperature gets near 95 degrees, the system will activate the patrol car sirens, page the officer, roll down the car’s back windows and activate a fan.

It’s a great idea, but why restrict use of this device to law enforcement officials? Aside from the sirens (which seem a bit much), this seems like it would make a great accessory for any car that routinely carries canines and their companions.